The Georgian period of English architecture and design extended from 1714 to 1837, part of which was also known as the Regency period when George IV stood in for his father. It is renowned for some of the best examples of English design. This was not only visible in the properties built but also in the furniture that was produced to decorate it. Our Georgian Kitchens take the best of those design elements and bring them crashing into the 22nd century. Classic style, updated to suit our modern needs and workspaces.

While paying tribute to an iconic era of craftsmanship, the Georgian style is a modern-day in-frame kitchen. This means that the doors are fitted within the frame of the cabinet, giving a sleek finish.

Both the design and construction techniques are modelled on master craftsman from the Georgian period. It is taking these details from the past that enables us to make a kitchen that is not only classic but timeless.


Style Detail

The characteristics of the Georgian kitchen range showcase a much more rounded style compared to the square frame of a Shaker. The Georgian period was a hectic and prolific era of building, the empire was influenced by many overseas styles and this was reflected in the furniture. The biggest Manor houses had panelling, grand staircases and in some cases, Chippendale furniture.

Key features of the style included quarter-turned pilasters with matching lathe-turned cornices and skirting mouldings, quarter glazed wall cabinet doors and distinct furniture mantles with simple corbels and shelves.

The most common woods used during the Georgian period were oak, walnut and painted hardwood.

Most notable about the Georgian style kitchen is an absence of intricate carvings, preferring a much simpler and cleaner approach, which only adds to the contemporary feel of this British classic. We couple this design with a range of accessories to enhance our hand made cabinets. A wide selection of marble worktops, from pure white to obsidian black can be fitted alone or in combination with polished wood or toughened glass. Appliances are fitted to suit. From initial design to fitting, we guide you all the way giving you a stunning Georgian style kitchen to enhance and add value to your property.

Key features of the style include quarter turned pilasters with matching lathe turned cornice and skirting mouldings, quarter glazed wall cabinet doors and distinct furniture mantle with simple corbels and shelf.


Other Rooms

Using the Georgian style, our craftsman are able to develop the design into handmade furniture such as wardrobes, bookcasing, sideboards, media cabinets and more.

We can bring the same elegancy to every room in your house, whether it is for your dining room, lounge, study, bedroom or bathroom.

To find out more about our work around the home, get in touch with us today to add a truly unique piece of furniture.


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