Based on designs from the New England Revolution in furniture, our Colonial Kitchen collection takes the principals of symmetry to create a timeless classic. The traditions of British design were taken over to the USA and incorporated into the classic colonial architecture and internal design of the period, including the furniture used in kitchens. We have updated these design elements to bring in firmly into the 22nd century with our luxurious new Colonial-style kitchen range which would sit proudly in any modern home

New England furniture is renowned for its simple and sturdy style, similar to the Shaker Kitchens design but with a subtle use of more intricate detailing – more comfortable and less angular. We see mouldings and round corners creeping in here and there, to make the style less rigid and more fluid.

Take the curved section in the photo above accentuated by a gently contoured worktop and enhanced with a folding plinth.

Colonial Kitchen Detail

Our version of the Colonial is a modern twist on this classic style period in modern design.

The doors are designed to reflect the frame. We incorporate the "cott bead" of the frame and repeat it in a stopped groove in the door, to create a style that is eye-catching and simple. We use the quarter-turned pilasters from the Georgian Kitchens range to soften the edges at the end of a furniture run.

Featuring a classic torus profile on the skirting and a large centre riser panel on the cornice, to heighten the furniture and make it more opulent and grand. Colonial can be both refined yet minimalist. A Colonial kitchen makes great use of space and ceiling height while maintaining a luxury presence for decades to come. Handles can be chosen to accentuate the design depending on which range is chosen from simple wooden knobs to intricate brushed steel.

Topped off by a choice or combination of worktops, the Colonial will add value to any home.

We incorporate the cott bead of the frame and repeat it in a stopped groove in the door to create a style that is eye-catching and simple.


Other Rooms

Using the Colonial style, our craftsman are able to develop the design into handmade furniture such as wardrobes, bookcasing, sideboards, media cabinets and more.

We can bring the same elegancy to every room in your house, whether it is for your dining room, lounge, study, bedroom or bathroom.

To find out more about our work around the home, get in touch with us today to add a truly unique piece of furniture.


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