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With the modern home came the modern utility room. A space away from the kitchen & pantry where appliances can be housed; the noise and bustle, a closed door away from the food preparation & socialising areas!

Today, utility rooms have become an essential ingredient in most modern kitchen designs, offering a huge array of possibilities. Apart from housing utility appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, these days they can contain additional cooking equipment, ovens, hobs and sinks. A place to prepare some of the more pungent ingredients; maybe, chips, curries and fish to keep the smells away from the main, now multi-purpose, kitchen space.

Our utility room furniture is designed to fully complement and enhance our ranges of designer kitchens. The utility furniture is designed in exactly the same way as we design our kitchens. To use  modern ergonomic design to fully optimise the space available. Each room is different. We have worked in tiny spaces to utility rooms as big as the kitchen, so optimisation is the key.

We often design the utility room as part of the main kitchen design, working carefully to select the best furniture and appliances of the job. All of our utility room furniture is manufactured in our own factory by craftsman. We also install the cabinets, often painting them to match the kitchen and accessorising as a final finish.

Why not come and visit our showroom in Knutsford and take a look at our ranges? You can call to arrange an appointment on 01565 228211, request a brochure or arrange a consultation. 

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